Transform your body in 8 weeks program, 100% customized & designed to burn fat & lose weight with personal coaching & unlimited support.

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How to lose weight in 8 weeks with or without gym

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Help my clients to live their life in a healthy way by eating healthy and working out.

Some did not know how to start & what to do but week after week they notice the different in weight, shape & even fitness level.

I have done it with many people, men and women and they reached their ultimate goal. They just committed to my program with my support in every step.

So if they can do it , YOU CAN DO IT...



Clients Results

With a customized workout & meal plan its easy now to commit to the program. No more excuses


"I am 33 years old from Saudi Arabia and father of 2.

I checked your instagram page (Bfit.live) & I've seen some amazing results on people who subscribed on your program.

I loved the flexibility on your training program, the long working hours that I have & my responsibilities as a father makes it a bit challenging to find some time for the gym, the body weight training program from home works best for me.

All I needed to do is to stay committed to the training & diet plan & found the results very satisfying & in 4 weeks only.

I recommended to all I know, this program works & provides great results at the end. plus you can ask the trainer about anything & he will respond & make sure you get better & better everyday." 

“Moaath Sindi, 36 years old from Saudi Arabia, and a father of 4. 

About 18 months ago I did a lab tests investigations and the results was in normal range values but one was at the borderline which was LDL or as they call it (bad cholesterol). I have panicked, blamed myself for what I am doing to my body and I decided to change that immediately. A friend of mine was telling about you, so I checked your instagram and I noticed your certificate came from ISSA which is (as I searched) one of the most authorized institutions in this field so I signed up.

I loved the flexibility on your training program, the suitable training duration, direct communication with you whenever I need and I really loved your strategy in following up my progress .

My friends noticed the transformation process starting after the first 2 weeks and for me that was a motivation to continue what I am doing. After 4 weeks I was really feeling that I am getting stronger and capable for harder exercises. I have to pay a lot of money (which is bad) to buy a new outfit every month because my size was dropping down (which is super good)

I have already did that to a lot of people I knew, family members, friends and work colleges.”

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Coach Talal

Certified Fitness Trainer (CPT)

Youth Fitness Trainer (YFT)

From International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

Online personal trainer since 2016, work with people who want to lose fat and increase fitness level by committed to workout plan and meal plan.

Eating healthy is the key to reach the ultimate goal, no starvation nor removing any source of food, it’s just control over what you eat.

Working out is not a problem any more, it’s just a matter of time management. 30-45 min a day, even in your own place with no equipments, can drive you to your goal. With all my support in every step.